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Thirteenth Fan Fiction

This is from the facebook page Georgia & Charlotte Thirteenth fanpage enjoy - I love it!
Okay,this is a piece of fanfiction that me and my sister did last year. For anyone who has read our stories(Twin Gleeks101), you may know that we specialise in fluff and the type in which the characters are younger. So we've combined that and here is the result! Enjoy! Admin Wendy x

"Don't worry, you'll be fine." Susan reassured her young daughter, who was in the back of the old green beetle, clutching onto her newly acquired toy Yoda Mike had managed to bribe her with if she went to school.

"What if I don't make any friends?" she asked, her eyes shining with tears "What if I don't make friends and then I'm friendless?"

Susan sighed, looking in the mirror and seeing her daughter in her booster seat, wearing her new uniform which consisted of a grey skirt, a light blue blouse with a ruffled collar and a dark navy cardigan, her dark hair in two plaits and her brand new school shoes contrasting with her white tights.

"You won't be friendless. There's Wendy, she's a nice girl."

"She smells funny an' doesn't like Star Wars. She likes Lord of the Rings."

"You like it too, I've started reading it to you and you don't seem to mind." Susan said, turning into the car park.

"Not as much as Star Wars." Val muttered, scowling, knowing how much her Mum hated it when she did that.

"Valerie Sheridan Saunders..." she warned, turning to face her daughter. Val rolled her eyes, causing her Mum to rant at her again about "You're a lady!" and "You shouldn't be rolling your eyes!" before softening at her expression. She couldn't help it, Val just always had that look and air of innocence about her, obviously inherited from Mike.

"I liked my old school better." she mumbled, undoing her seatbelt.

"I know you do Val, but your father's managed to get a better job up here." Susan explained, trying to get through to her 6 year old daughter "Besides, you'll make friends, trust me."

As Val got out of the car, she was knocked down by an over exuberant boy in a polo shirt and shorts, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell bag on his skinny shoulders.

"Jason! Come back here!" a dark haired man shouted, towering above Val before reaching out a burly hand to help her up.

Several moments later, the boy who knocked her over, shuffled over towards the man sheepishly, his head bent towards the floor, being led by the taller giant.

"What do you say?" he prompted, pushing his son forwards.

"Sorry." the boy known as Jason mumbled, trying to avoid eye contact but noticing Val's toy Yoda.

"Hey Dad, she's got a Yoda." he whispered excitedly, staring at it, causing Val to cling onto it even tighter.

"I also got Chewie an' Darth Vader at home."

"Cool. I only have R2D2. I do have a pet tortoise called Raphael but I left him at home, He likes the mini ninja mask and sword I made him though." Jason grinned, showing a gap where a tooth was the day before.

Val brightened up, looking back at the car where Susan, who was standing outside, was encouraging her to go "Bye Mum!" she called, waving and going off with her new friend.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine. This is the best primary school in the village. Name's Shane."

"Susan." the petite woman smiled, nervously shaking his outstretched hand, eyeing his tattoos.

"I run the tattoo parlour on the high street. It's been the main income for us ever since we moved here when Jason was two. It doesn't make much but it's enough."

Susan smiled sympathetically "I see that's Jason." she said, motioning to the young boy who knocked over her daughter a few minutes beforehand.

"Yeah, that's him, 6 years old. He wants a younger brother or sister but it's not an option. When he was born, the car broke down and I ended up delivering him. Never again."

"That almost happened when Val was born. We got there just in time but it was still pretty close." Susan chuckled to herself at the memory.

"Like I said, she'll be fine. I know that for a fact, because Sam is helping out hers and Jason's class for work experience."

"Who's Sam?"


"Alright class, this is Samuel Law, he's going to be joining us this week for his work experience. I'd like you to make him feel welcome whilst he's here. Is that understood?"

"Yes Miss Kingston." the class excluding Val chorused. She was terrified, stood in the corner clutching her Roald Dahl book bag.

"Also, this is Valerie," Miss Kingston smiled; placing her hands on Val's shoulders "I want you to make her feel welcome and I believe she's already made friends with you Jason. Because of that, you'll be her buddy for the week. Val, if you'd like to sit with Fran, Jason, Yassmin and Wendy, that would be helpful." the teacher said kindly, pointing to the corner where Jason, Wendy and two blonde girls were sitting.

"Hi,I'm Fran. My full name's Francesca Alice Tickle but I don't get called that much."

"Your name spells fat!" Jason sniggered, pointing at her "Franny's name spells fat!" he shouted louder, making everyone look at her.

Francesca stared at him, her eyes shiny with tears "I hate you Jason!" she shouted, giving him a shove and running out of the room.

"Is she alright?" Val whispered to the girl next to her, suddenly unsure if Jason was the best choice for a friend.

"She'll be okay. I'm Yassmin, Franny's twin sister. She's the boss 'cos she's older." Yassmin smiled sweetly.

Everyone's heads turned to the door as it opened, and they watched as a puffy eyed and slightly red Francesca being lead by the kindly receptionist who was reassuring her that everything was alright.

"Jason, I'll be having a word with you after class. That is NOT how we treat each other now is it?"

"No Miss." Jason mumbled, grinning sheepishly.

"It's Miss Kingston and you can wipe that silly smirk off your face." she snapped, getting increasingly annoyed.


"What's up with the teacher?" Val asked Yassmin at lunchtime, sitting down at a table and getting her Lion King lunchbox out of her bag.

"Don't worry about Miss Kingston, she's always been like that. She was my teacher when I was your age and she hates children. She's basically Bruce Banner, although you're probably too young to understand that." Sam shrugged, sitting down next them.

"No I'm not! I know him, he's Hulk! He ends up a green giant!" Val said indignantly, taking a bite out of her cheese and pickle sandwich. She screwed her face up in disgust. She hated pickle! Her Mum KNEW that! Placing the half eaten sandwich back in the bag and opened the crisps.

"He's the best of the lot. Besides Spiderman of course, you can't go wrong with him."

"My favourite is Batman." Fran whispered,joining them.

"I don't like him. My Mum says he's not an official one 'cos he can pay for his stuff and he doesn't fly."

"Can I join you?" a quiet voice asked, making all four girls turn towards the source.

"Oh," Fran said sourly "it's you."

"I'm sorry I called you fat. I didn't mean too." Jason mumbled, clutching a TMNT face lunchbox. Looking down at the floor he looked up anxiously hoping for chocolate. Or forgiveness. But mainly chocolate.

"Not accepted. Now go away, this table is girls only!" Fran said, turning her head away and waving her hand. She looked back to see Jason still stood there "I said go away!"

"Sam's here and he's not a girl!" Jason pointed out, growing increasingly frustrated.

"Sam's nice and it can also be a girl's name so he doesn't count." the young blonde responded, a smug expression appearing on her face.

"Jason is also a girl's name! It's just called...Jasonona!" he replied after a few moments of thought. He thought for another minute before smiling "Yeah, Jasonona!"

Fran scoffed, getting back to her sandwich. Val felt sorry for him and scooched up to make room for Jason "Here, you can sit here if you want."

"Thanks." he smiled meekly, pulling something out of his pocket. "I got you something so I hope we can be friend’s again." he smiled, handing a small handful of daisies to Fran, who eyed them sceptically.

"You're lucky you know how to act like a gentleman." she muttered, taking them off him.

"If you want, you can come over to my house for tea and we can play with Raphael."

Fran brightened up, blushing slightly "Sure. Hey, can't Val come as well?"

"If she wants to." Jason said, looking at his new friend "You coming?"

Val shrugged "I guess. I'll have to ask my Daddy though first, he doesn't like me having boyfriends. He says no one is touching his little girl until she's at least 18 and even then they have to get through him."


"...he's in here." Jason grinned, leading Fran, Yassmin and Val into the living room where a large tank lay. "We also have Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello the fish, they're cool as well."

Val glanced at the room. It was covered in paintings. Mainly pop art paintings but still they were unbelievable.

Following the others, she cast her gaze upon a bored looking tortoise munching on a few lettuce leaves. The others left to go into the garden but Val stayed where she was.

"'re bored in this tank aren't you?" she cooed, gently stroking his shell, not realising Shane was standing right behind her.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, he has a tendency to bite stranger's fingers."

Val jumped, putting her hands behind her back. Looking up, she felt like she had to wait 5 minutes before reaching the man's eyes.

Looking down, Shane bared a toothy grin "I'm Shane, Jason's Dad. I just came here to say tea's ready."

"Jason! Dinner's ready!" a sweet voice trailed out of the kitchen.

"Don't worry, I've got it." Shane called back, making his way over to the door that led to the garden. "Come on you lot! Food's ready! Get it before it turns cold!"

"Coming Dad!" Jason responded, rushing up to the house, making the sound of his doc martens evident.

Upon entering the kitchen, a delicious smell wafted from the plates. The person who was serving the food was obviously Jason's mum. She, unlike Shane and Jason, was slim and petite, with honey coloured eyes and hair to match. She wore a pair of stylish jeans and a matching shirt and completed the look with a pair of red converse.

"Jason, remember what we've said about wearing traipsing mud inside?" she chided, plating up another dish of spaghetti and meatballs.

"Sorry Mum." he grinned sheepishly, looking at the trail he had made. "I was showing the others Kermit."

"Kermit?" Val asked, cocking her head to one side "Who's he?"

Jason had a mouth full of food when he replied "My rabbit."

"Yeah! He's got two! Kermit and Miss Piggy!" Fran said excitedly, accidently spilling her drink over. "Oops."

"Don't worry, petal, I'll clean it up." Elizabeth said, ripping off some kitchen roll and wiping up the spill.

"Thanks." Fran whispered shyly, giving her the smallest trace of a smile.

"You don't have to eat it all if you're not hungry. It can always go in the freezer. And for dessert, there's my special homemade walnut brownies with ice cream. You're not allergic to nuts, are you?"

All three girls shook their heads in response.

"That's good. I don't want to have a dead body on my hands." she chuckled to herself, making Yassmin eye her warily, before looking to her sister for confirmation that everything was alright. After she got the all clear, she went back to eating.

Later that night, Susan smiled as Val talked nonstop about her day.

"...Jason's got Kermit and Miss Piggy and fish and a tortoise! Can I have a puppy Mum?"

Susan laughed shaking her head "Sorry sweetie, Dad's allergic to their fur. And if we did get one, who would look after it? Your Dad's at work, I'm at work and you have school. That's why you've got Ariel and Flounder." She offered kindly, planting a kiss on her forehead.

"They don't count, all they do is swim about all day." Val mumbled, snuggling into her duvet.

"Oh, so Jason's fish count but yours don't?" she smirked, raising an eyebrow.

Val yawned, nodding her head sleepily "Uhuh."

Susan smiled, kissing her forehead "Night sweetie."

"Love you." Val mumbled, her eyes closing.

"Love you more." Susan whispered, switching on her nightlight, which cast a gentle glow around the room.

"Love you most." she heard her daughter mumble before quietly closing the door behind her.

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