Friday, 28 December 2012

To Kindle or Not to Kindle?

Having been a book fan most of my life I have resisted the Kindle - even as an author trying to sell Kindle books, I have stuck with the traditional book. I like the feel and the weight of a book, it's look and smell, plus the feeling of satisfaction as I make my way through it and can see how far I have travelled.

These are all factors that haveput me off buying a Kindle - however the Christmas fairy struck in the form of a Kindle! and now I have to be completely and utterly honest... I'm hooked! And I haven't met anyone who has one who isn't. I have actually read more since Christmas day than I have in months and I'm reading the classics's... they're free!

This is my precious (Gollum's my man) and I will take-down any member of my family who attempts to touch it.

So tell me what your Kindle thoughts are? Have you purchased one or received one - have you gone on a free book frenzy?

 Guard Teddy!


  1. I used to love reading a proper book for the same reasons as you, but with two kids and no more book room i asked for a kindle for a xmas present and got it months early. I love my kindle and i have read over 30ish books since i got it, if i read them all in book form i would be using the books as a table lol. so yeah kindles are awesome if you dont have the room for a large amount of books

    1. I know - oddly i purchased a book i have in book (if that makes sense) and i'm reading it - yet i had the book for over a year!! It's just there with you, on the sofa - got a free second - ill read a few pages!

    2. Ive done the same i got the hunger game books in book form yet i got them on my kindle as well, read them on my kindle though so the books are still brand new

  2. I have an iPad so I can get the free books on there, but I will never buy a kindle or purchase a book on my iPad. I honestly don't think that it's worth it. It's not /that/ much cheaper to buy an ebook in most cases, and I would rather have the book in my hands than have a piece of metal, especially because I adore covers and spines!

  3. Yes there are definitely parts of the book reading process i will want to experience for the rest of my life - nothing like a good sniff of a book and you have a good point with the covers. Plus as an author i can't sign your kindle!


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