Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Ok, so when I saw this movie was over 2 hours, I readied myself for 3 trips to the loo and enough popcorn to fill a small elephant! Over 2 hours is a very long time in the cinema, I remember pirates of the Caribbean and feeling as desperate for a drink as Captain Jack Sparrow!

I also took on board it was a 12a - UK. So after seeing the previous one which I felt was too violent for my daughter - who's nearly 12 I had not invited her to watch it with me.

What did I think: I can only say I mourned when it ended. It was the same feeling you get when the end of good book is just pages away. I wanted to stay in Gotham forever.

Story line- fantastic! This is what we pay for at the cinema. 

Affects - out of this world - I want all the gadgets, don't care how much they cost!

Anything wrong? Well if I was to nit-pick I would have liked a little more Batman but that is just looking for something.

Score 9'1/2/ 10

To add - I would have no problems with my daughter seeing this one. It had the regular shoot up but Batman makes it very clear "I don't kill people!" which I loved.

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