Monday, 19 November 2012

Skyfall - from the perspective of a woman!

OK - I'm not your average girly girl but I'm still a woman. So last week I went to see the amazing Daniel Criag in the new James Bond film. 50 years of Bond and a great director and cast - what can go wrong?

Well on a positive note they brought back some of the things that have been missing in the past two Bond movies. There was a lovely new geeky Quartermaster and a few gadgets, we got a lot more of the original Bond soundtrack - which does add to the excitement.

BUT! It was still lacking. For some reason it really reminded me of Batman Begins, there were quite a few similarities, and when the lights came up at the end I felt it was lacking. However my partner had this crazy boyish grin from one side of his face to the other!

So as films go at the minute - definitely worth a watch. I would give it 7/10

I still have hope that Daniel will get at least one good new script before his time as Bond is over, because he really is a great bond. I just wish Ian Fleming was alive to write it!

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