Sunday, 18 November 2012

Breaking Dawn 2

Well last night was the last night for Twilight!

So as always i travelled back to Lincolnshire to meet with my friend Maria, my Twilight buddy!

The excitement in the cinema was palpable. Woman alongside women knowing this was the end, but we still had tonight.

The curtains pulled back (in my imagination) and we were off.

For those who have read the book - it covers all the basis. For those that haven't I felt it was more of a crazy ride. The not knowing what would happen at the end clearly had a huge affect on the viewers.

Highs? THE battle scene - without question!

Lows? The CGI baby!! not good :(

Stars 9/10 ********* why not 10 - that baby!!!

Go and see it - twice if you can XXX

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