Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Oh Happy Days

Well this morning I e-mailed Nyteria Rising to the publishers :D cover-art and all.

This book has been the hardest so far, and if it wasn't for my awesome assessor, I'm not sure it would have even happened.

One thing I have learnt is that you sometimes need to have a break. That always writing, isn't always the best answer, and when someone tells you to take 6 weeks off - DO IT!

Nyteria Rising will be launched at Waterstones on the High Street in Lincoln on the 28th of April 2012 from 11-2pm.

Followed by:
Waterstones Market Harborough on the 5th of May 10-4pm 
Waterstones Nottingham on the 19th of May 10-4pm
Waterstones Grimsby on the 26th of May 10-04pm
Waterstones Kettering on the 9th of June 10-4pm

I can only hope that we have the same success as we had with launching The Turncoats. The lovely Kate will be making the cake - my advice is to come just for the cake and grab a book if you fancy one! :)

And to celebrate I had coffee in The Hulk Mug!! Stranger things I guess have been done by writers :)

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