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Review for The Turncoats 01/02/12

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Feb 01, 12

4 of 5 stars
Read from January 27 to 29, 2012

Great sequel to The Thirteenth! This book is insanely eventful, a combination of sci-fi and the fantastical.

Initial thoughts:
1. Val's adventures doesn't slow down in The Turncoats. From the very beginning, Val is essentially made alien bounty hunter (guard), partnering up with her hunter, Zac. Still very fast-paced, but much better distributed throughout the sequel.
2. Val's backup team is awesome! Usually we read about the all-alone-orphan, keeping secrets of fantastical powers. Val's story is just the opposite. Although the plot is out-of-this-world fantastical, Twynham adds realistic possibility with the relationships that are formed in this story.
3. There are some corny moments, and the romantic elements are a bit mushy for my liking... but I am liking the relationship between Val and Zac.
4. I really like the characters, but the story is very plot driven leaving out opportunities for more in-depth character growth and development.
5. Love the dialogue! The humour in The Turncoats is amazing, I love everyone's sense of humour.

I'm looking forward to the next book, and what's in store with Val and the rest of the world.          

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